Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I love reflections on the water. You get them either during the day or of course at night with all the lights around. I always wanted the reflection of our most famous mountain (the Matterhorn) on the surface of the Riffelsee.

How to get there ? Either you walk up on the top of the Gornergrat or you take the cablecar to the Top and from there you walk a bit down to the Riffelsee. What you need is the perfect weather and time of the day. In Summer there are many many tourists around the lake. Either you take a photo despite of all these people and retouch it later in your Graphicprogram, or you go there when  it’s not that busy, I suggest this way.

I wish you a wonderful week


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2 Kommentare

  1. I wish this picture would be mine 🙂
    Cheers, Gilles

    • Ach komm schon Gilles, das ist nur ein normales Bild, hätte ich wohl besser machen können. Hatte einfach Glück mit dem Wetter dass es eine gute Spiegelung gab. Und ich erwischte einen Moment ohne Koreaner und Japaner die im Weg standen 😀 Aber danke für deine Worte. Liebe Grüsse Thee

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